NFL Football Teams With The Most Championships

The National Football League has presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy to many teams over the years. There are three teams that have won more championships than any other franchise in NFL history. The Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco Forty Niners, and Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowls than any other team in the history of The National Football League. Let’s take a close look at each winning franchise.

The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls. The Cowboys won their first championship back in 1972 over The Miami Dolphins. They went on to win their next championship in 1978 over The Denver Broncos. Both historic wins took place under the coaching and leadership of Tom Landry.

Fifteen years would pass before The Cowboys would win another Super Bowl. Jimmy Johnson became the first coach to win a collegiate national championship and a professional world championship in football. The Cowboys won The Super Bowl in 1993 and 1994. Barry Switzer coached The Cowboys to another Super Bowl winning performance in 1996.

The San Francisco Forty Niners

The San Francisco Forty Niners have also won five Super Bowl Championships. This prestigious organization won their first Super Bowl back in 1982 over The Cincinnati Bengals. They would win their next championship in 1985 against The Miami Dolphins. The Forty Niners would go on to win championships in 1989, 1990, and 1995. The Forty Niners will always be remembered for their high powered offensive schemes.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers has won more National Football League championships than any other team. This franchise has won six championships. They have participated in some of the most exciting Super Bowl games in the history of the league. Many experts suggest that The Steelers had the best defensive line in the seventies.

The Steelers won The Lombardi trophy in 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 2006, and 2009. Their championship victory in 2009 was exciting and memorable. They edged The Arizona Cardinals by four points.

Many teams have been awarded The Vince Lombardi Trophy throughout the history of The National Football League. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco Forty Niners have won more championships than any team. All three franchises are associated with some of the best Super Bowl winning performances in The NFL.


Making Extra Money for Football Tickets

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How To Create a Sports Fan Site

If you are looking to create a sports fan website, you have come to the right place. Nowadays, having an extensive knowledge of website programming language is not required to design a website. It will certainly help you but it is not required anymore.

To begin creating your sports fan site, you need to create a catchy name for your website for example Giants blog. Before you start making up names make sure that you read the next sentence. It’s illegal to use a team name or player name in your website’s domain name. This will result in lawsuits because of copyright issues.

When thinking of catchy website names try to think of a few names you could use. Write the names down in a notebook. The reason for thinking of a few names is that one or two of the names that you think of will already be used.

After you have thought of the right website name the next step is to buy that name from a domain-name seller’s website. If you don’t know where to look you could google ‘Highly rated website domain-name sellers.’

After you have purchased a domain-name you will have to also purchase hosting plan. A hosting plan is what will place your website on the internet. How this works is you pay a hosting provider who puts your domain name in their servers; which makes your domain name viewable all over the internet.

After you’ve purchased a hosting plan, then you can begin building your website. There a different techniques to building a website.

Here are some options available when building a website:

1. WordPress Website Design - This option is easy and free to use. Once you have setup your basic design template then all you need is to build quality content on your site. A lot of different sites offer a free web template that you can choose from.

2. Professional Website Designer - While not the most cost effective, it will certainly give you a design you are happy to have.

3. Do-it-yourself Design – How you do this is you learn a web design coding language (Like HTML, CSS, XML) from the internet. It is certainly more difficult to take this route, but learning any web design coding language is a valuable skill.

After you have designed your sports fan website, the final step that you need to take is monetizing your website. There are so many options for this. These options include: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Selling Sports Memoribilia. The main idea is to experiment at first and find the method that works the best for you.


Just Married? Crazy Footbal Fans? Make it a great honeymoon!!

So you’ve finally found that special someone who loves you just as much as they love football. You’re ready to tie the knot, but wondering where to go for that special honeymoon trip with your permanent #1 fan. Well, we’ve helpfully put together a few ideas.

Obviously, Canton, Ohio would be first on the list for the couple as serious about their football as they are about their romance. Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, convenient to Cleveland, Columbus, or Pittsburgh, Canton is a great destination. You might consider a side trip to Columbus, to take in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to remember some of the best halftime music ever composed.

The other great football-fan pilgrimage to take with your beloved is, naturally, the Super Bowl, if the timing is right. Next year, the big game is in Indianapolis, which is well worth a visit in its own right. Of course, if your wedding is in the early months and you’re sick of the cold, the Pro Bowl is held in Hawaii each year, for a more conventional honeymoon.

And that leads me to my personal recommendation for the serious football fanatic: Bali. You can find great deals for bali packages from holidaybirds. No, wait, hear me out. A honeymoon is, in many eyes, meant to be a time apart from the rest of one’s life, a break from the everyday. Scenic beaches in a tropical climate, historical sites, and vibrant culture can help recharge your batteries. You’ll have memories to share for a lifetime of off-seasons. And of course, with modern communications, you’re never really out of touch from the things, or the people, you love. And isn’t love what this trip is all about?

Of course, with the right person, everything else about your honeymoon will be irrelevant. The rest of it isn’t for the rest of us to judge from the cheap seats.

The best football stadiums to visit

The best football stadiums to visit is something that will certainly be highly contested by fans who live in each individual area and are hard core fans of the team associated with each stadium. So it’s important to come up with a list of the best stadiums independent from any kind of team affiliation, and regardless of how well the teams do in any particular year or overall.

The Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers is regarded as a great stadium to visit. It’s the oldest Stadium in the league, and has an electric atmosphere. It’s unique in the sense that you are unlikely to fine any other stadium that has quite so many people wearing cheesehead themed hats. The temperatures there can be quite cold, but Greenbay Packer fans are known for their passion and loyalty. Three Superbowl championships have been taken by the team over the years, including names such as Vince Lombardi and Brett Favre.

The Cowboys Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys is also a popular stadium to visit. The stadium is a modern one, with stat-of-the-art accommodations such as one of the largest high definition screens for video around. The cowboys also have an impressive history and was even referred to at one point as “American’s team.”

Meadowlands Stadium, where the Giants and Jets play is the second largest stadium in the league, with over eighty two thousand seats. The stadium has been called “Big Blue” over the years. It’s unique in the sense that two different teams both play there, allowing for a different experience every time you visit.

Heinz Field is the stadium belonging to the Steelers team from Pittsburgh. The team is known for its “Steel curtain” defense and this is a stadium that in a sense travels around the country, as Steelers fans often go on the road with the team.

3 Most Epic Football Games of All Time

Professional football has begun to replace baseball as the great American past-time. In an action packed 4 quarters and two halves gladiators take to the field in an impressive display of will, skill, and heart. It is a clash of the titans that creates immortals out of flesh and blood. Most of the top players are household names and can be regarded as national celebrities. The superbowl is perhaps the most watched sporting event ever and one of the most watched shows on television. The final game of the season, a competition between the two best teams, draws millions of people to livingrooms, bars, and pubs to watch and see who will be the victor. The super bowl is so popular that television stations charge advertisers millions just so their product can be viewed by the millions watching. There have been so many epic superbowl games but here are the top three of all time.

1). “The Greatest Game Ever Played”
Baltimore Colts 23, New York Giants 17 (OT)
NFL Championship Game, Dec. 28, 1958

This was the first sudden death overtime NFL game to be televised and was aptly titled the Greatest Game ever played. Johnny Unitas was perhaps the first celebrity NFL player to emerge from this game.

2). “The Catch”
49ers 28, Cowboys 27
NFC Championship Game, Jan. 10, 1982 at San Francisco
Dwight Clark was immortalized in a play that still astounds sports fans to this day.

3). “Epic in Miami”
Chargers 41, Dolphins 38 (OT)
AFC Divisional Playoff Game, Jan. 2, 1982 at Miami.
Few may remember this game, but Kellen Winslow’s performance has been called one of the best individual performances in all of sport’s history even through the pain he manages to just keep blocking kicks, catching passes, and delivering bone crushing blocks.

Saving While Travelling For Road Games

If you are looking for the best in savings, and you love to travel, you have to make sure to know where to stay when going out for vacations. There are many ways once can find Saving While Travelling For Road Games, but one of the best ways to find the savings is to choose a vacation rental property, rather than stay at a hotel every time you travel. So, whether you are going out for a finals matchup between your favorite team and its rival, or whether you are going for a family vacation to watch one of the biggest games of the season on the road, when you choose a vacation rental property, you are going to find great Saving While Travelling For Road Games.

You will also find that when you choose a vacation rental, rather than a hotel, the vacation getaway is going to be much more customized for you. So, rather than having to stay in a hotel, where you do not know who was in the room before you, or paying extremely high prices for a room that barely fits you and the family, if you have a vacation rental, there are several room options for you to consider, and you will be splitting the cost on a timeshare basis with other renters, therefore you are going to be getting the best in savings and comfort. So, whether you prefer a villa style rental, a regular hotel room, or even townhomes, there are several types of vacation rental properties you can consider, in order to find the Saving While Travelling For Road Games.

You are also going to get a much more comfortable stay, know that your family is going to love the room you are staying in, and you are going to be saving money, on a much better room than you would be able to get at any hotel. So, rather than pay the higher rates per night on a hotel, and get only a subpar vacation, make sure to instead consider the vacation rental properties, in order for you and your family to get a great vacation getaway, enjoy the big games you are hoping to enjoy, and really get the best stay while out on the road. Not only will you get the best room, but you are going to get the best of Saving While Travelling For Road Games, when you choose a vacation rental property.